Terms and conditions

  1. Bosselaar & Strengers is a partnership of lawyers, consisting of legal persons. A list of the partners is available upon request.
  2. All assignments are considered to be given and accepted by Bosselaar & Strengers, under exclusion of article 7:404 and article 7:407, paragraph 2 of the Dutch Civil Code. 
  3. Any liability connected with assignments to Bosselaar & Strengers shall be limited to the amount which is paid out under the professional indemnity insurance, increased by the amount of self-insurance as mentioned in the policy. If and insofar no payment is made under the insurance, any liability shall be limited to an amount of € 50.000,-. 
  4. Any liability for damages to persons or property which might occur in or in connection with the carrying out of assignments to Bosselaar & Strengers shall be limited to the amount which is paid out under the liability insurance, increased by the amount of self-insurance mentioned in the policy. 
  5. Any claim against Bosselaar & Strengers shall be barred after a period of one year from the day the claimant knew of reasonably could know the facts upon which he bases his claim.
  6. In case third parties are called in to the carrying out of assignments, Bosselaar & Strengers shall be entitled to accept on behalf of its clients any limitation of liability observed by such third parties. Bosselaar & Strengers cannot be held responsible for any shortcoming by such third parties. 
  7. Not only Bosselaar & Strengers, but also all persons who have been employed in the carrying out of any assignment as well as former partners, employees and former employees of Bosselaar & Strengers and their heirs, are entitled to involve the provisions of these General Provisions in case the should be held liable for any damages after leaving Bosselaar & Strengers. 
  8. The relationship between Bosselaar & Strengers and its clients shall be governed by Dutch law. The District Court of Utrecht shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising between Bosselaar & Strengers and a client. Notwithstanding the above, Bosselaar & Strengers shall have the right to institute proceedings in any competent court in the client's jurisdiction. 

  9. Bosselaar & Strengers is a member of an international association of independent law firms, Multilaw, with member firms in a hundred countries. The names of the member firms of Multilaw are available upon request.



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