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New. Trusted.

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You, the market, society, everything and everyone is on the move. And so are we.

We are shifting our course and focusing on further specialisation. With a new élan and (from 23 August) with a new name: Bosselaar Strengers Legal Partners.

After all, as legal partners, we are lawyers who do more for you. We are familiar with both your industry and your company. We make what you consider important, legally possible. We are your critical sparring partners. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you. But also firmly behind you, whenever necessary. Together, we can make progress.

Experience our new working environment for yourself at Euclideslaan 111 in Utrecht, from 23 August. Open and transparent, designed to promote joint inspiration and cooperation. Both among ourselves and with you.

And our new course, new name and new premises also call for a new logo and a new corporate identity, which symbolise what we stand for.

  • The minimalist design stands for ‘to the point’ and for ‘less is more’; the right analysis, focused on the heart of the matter and without any fuss, no excess baggage, and no detours.
  • The anthracite colour is symbolic of professional excellence, professionalism and effectiveness.
  • The warm red colour represents sharpness, enthusiasm, strength and passion.
  • The slash between the names stands for the link to our background, for everything and everyone that enabled us to acquire our current position.
  • The slash at the end stands for an open attitude to the future, for cooperation and for the focus on the other person.

Our website is also set to receive a makeover in the near future.
And despite all these new aspects, both our faces and the quality we offer naturally remain highly familiar!



Bosselaar Strengers Legal Partners

Euclideslaan 111, 3584 BR Utrecht

+31 302 34 72 34
+31 30 234 72 72