Corporate Law

Your life revolves around your business, whether you have just founded a start-up or are working hard on plans for a takeover or expansion. You put your heart into your business and you want the best. Entrepreneurship is in your DNA. But corporate law is a very different ball game.

Our lawyers work as partners with businesspeople and company lawyers. They discuss ideas with businesspeople every day; they understand their clients and enjoy visiting their premises. Our ambitious corporate law experts know everything there is to know about the legal side of doing business. 

At the start-up and during the growth of a company

Our lawyers are frequently involved in the birth of a new company, helping a start-up with its first contracts or designing an appropriate company structure. They also assist in the further growth of the company and give advice on possible acquisitions or mergers.

Good advice and agreements are essential

Our lawyers’ weapons are a sharp pen and a way with words. Whereas some like discussing advice with the client, others love drawing up solid contracts. Ones that are carefully formulated from a legal point of view and preferably as clear-cut and concise as possible. However much you trust your commercial partners, a good contract is essential when doing business. 

Law of companies and legal entities

Advice on setting up company structures (private companies with limited liability, commercial partnerships, professional partnerships, the law on foundations and associations, cooperatives), corporate housekeeping, corporate governance and directors’ and officers’ liability, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, due diligence, the law on financial statements, authorizations and disputes between shareholders and directors, the formation and liquidation of companies.

Commercial contracts

Drawing up and assessing agreements including purchase and sale contracts, general terms and conditions, distribution agreements, brokerage agreements, agency agreements, collaborative agreements and franchise agreements.

Directors’ responsibilities

Advice on the rights and obligations of directors and how to avoid directors’ liability. 

Debt collection practice for businesses

In our debt collection practice, we collect clients’ outstanding receivables and advise clients on how to streamline their contracts, general terms and conditions, and debtor policy.


When it comes to privacy, doing nothing is not an option. No business can avoid taking action to deal with the changes in the privacy legislation. Any company that saves or processes personal data is affected by this. The privacy lawyers at Bosselaar Strengers closely monitor developments in privacy legislation and are well informed about the practical application of those rules. We help businesspeople come up with solutions that will let them comply with privacy legislation at as little inconvenience as possible. 

Employment Law

Unfortunately, employment relationships can go wrong. Our lawyers see the consequences of this on a daily basis, yet they are still optimistic people because they also know how to resolve employment-law conflicts. Or prevent them.

Being clear beforehand about the rules in a company or organization is a good way of avoiding problems later on. That seems obvious, but our employment law specialists often find deficiencies in the basic setup. For example, there may no clear-cut, documented agreements, the limits to what is allowed may have not been set out clearly, or employees may not know where they stand.

Clear agreements as the basis

Ideal employees behave in such a way that best serves the interests of the organization. They know that a hygiene protocol or the duty of confidentiality is crucial to the company, and realize that non-compliance has consequences. The ideal employer? With our assistance, it will have set out the company’s interests in unambiguous guidelines and shared this with its staff. The Employment Law lawyers at Bosselaar Strengers give advice on entering into, implementing, amending and terminating employment contracts. They know how collective labour agreements work and what these let you do (and in particular what you may not do), they regularly draw up redundancy plans and increasingly advise organizations on how privacy can be incorporated in their HR policy. 

Companies and their directors

Most of the work in our Employment Law practice is for large and medium-sized companies in the corporate sector and for non-profit organizations. Our lawyers are also always on hand for executive board members, works councils and private individuals. Our experience lets us soon identify the essential elements of the case. 

Reorganization plans? An employment conflict?

Our Employment Law specialists are accessible and easy to reach.

For energetic entrepreneurs who still have some legal queries...

There is no need for you to know everything as a businessperson — corporate law and employment law are a very different ball game. Our ball game! Contact us without delay for some sound advice.



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