Rob van Warmerdam

Associated partner, Lawyer

A good understanding of the technical side of the case is often key to giving the best legal advice

Ever since 1995, my specialist field has been the law in relation to construction, design, manufacture, selling and collaboration. 

Some current case files:

  • Assisting a British contractor who arranged a relocation of offices to the Netherlands for an American client because of Brexit and used a Belgian subcontractor for this.
  • The sale to a Hong Kong agribusiness and construction in China of a plant for cooling and air treatment.
  • Assistance in the construction of a laboratory worth €100 million in which the contingency item escalated to €50 million. 
  • Conducting legal proceedings on behalf of a contractor against their subcontractor relating to the construction of the PEC Zwolle football stadium.
  • Conducting legal proceedings on behalf of a contractor against their subcontractor in connection with additional work as the result of a fundamental change in the basic construction assumptions. 

What typifies me? I want to get to know you and your company, get to the bottom of your problem and support you by giving you genuine attention. To do this, it is essential to know what went wrong but I also want to understand the background. I make sure things are clear, even if my take on the matter differs from yours. Proper coordination and cooperation are naturally important. 

I am interested in anyone who makes a tangible product or creates something smart, whether on their own or with the help of others, and is proud of this. I am interested in what you make. Just give me those technical drawings, reports and calculations. A good understanding of the technical aspects is often a decisive factor in a lawsuit. 

I know what is at stake for you. You can expect me to take all the interests into account, including aspects you yourself may not have thought about.

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Wij zijn zeer content met de kennis, kunde, accuratesse en advieskracht van Rob van Warmerdam. Hij geeft niet alleen de mogelijke opties, maar fungeert tevens als sparringpartner.

Marc Paauw, directeur Nijssen B.V.



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