Teunis Broer

Partner, Lawyer

I am able to excel in my profession through my social engagement

Committed, persevering, enterprising, pragmatic and always looking for a legal solution that does justice to your situation. That is what typifies me as a lawyer.  

I am the legal contact where corporate and employment law are concerned for my clients, mainly businesses in the SME sector. I spend time with my clients and seek to help them resolve legal problems or—even better—avoid such problems in the first place. What motivates me on a daily basis are your interests; I want to help you with the legal issues you face. In delivering my service, I aim for a lasting relationship in which you can be sure of appropriate, high-quality legal advice. I am to the point and customer oriented, and I like to come up with unconventional strategies for resolving a dispute. 

In addition to my job as a lawyer, I engage with society through my positions as the secretary of the board of the Lage Weide Industrial Society (Industrie Vereniging Lage Weide) and member of a church council (deacon). It is precisely the combination with these ancillary positions that lets me excel as a lawyer, because they let me see how really works in the ‘outside world’. I take that experience into account in the advice that I give as a lawyer, which means you will always get recommendations from me that you can use immediately.

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