Tom Bremers


A practical solution is better than an unnecessarily complicated legal construction

During my bachelor's degree in Law at Utrecht University, I started out as a legal consultant at FNV. My interest in labour law was aroused during this period and I gained a lot of practical experience in this legal field, which I was able to apply immediately. I also learned that in almost all cases, a practical solution to a problem is better for all parties involved rather than an unnecessarily complicated legal construction.

Partly on the basis of my experiences at FNV, I opted for a master in Law and Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University, focusing on labour law and business law, a combination I very much enjoyed.

After I completed my master's degree in 2018, I worked as an intern at Bosselaar/Strengers for three months, experiencing the workings of a law firm from within. Both parties very much enjoyed this collaboration, resulting in me joining the firm in January 2019, first as a legal assistant and then as a lawyer in August 2019.

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