Barbara Goossens

Salaried Partner, Lawyer

Phone +31610437288

I’m frank about the situation

As a lawyer specializing in employment law, I give advice and conduct litigation mainly for employers in employment-law disputes. My focus is the law on the termination of individual employment.

I devote a lot of attention to the advice in the preliminary phase, including deciding on a strategy, as this helps avoid a lawsuit. I’m frank about the situation: where the weak points are, and how we could and should resolve them. Strategic insight is crucial, as is an eye for detail. My approach is pragmatic, down to earth and geared to getting results. 

I also advise clients on the setup for their organizations with regard to privacy law, their privacy policy, application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective as of 25 May 2018 (drawing up privacy regulations and processor agreements, protocols, the mandatory notification for data leaks and privacy awareness training employees). 

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