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Healthcare: a heart for people, an eye for sustainable solutions

The healthcare sector is constantly in flux. Every institution seems to be in a reorganisation. Topics such as the affordability of healthcare, preventing staffing shortages, the use of flexible workers, new forms of collaboration and changes to property management all demand your attention. Each and every decision requires a multidisciplinary approach and must be taken with great care. That is firstly because it has an impact on people, but secondly because the rules and regulations are constantly changing.

Areas of tension are unavoidable, with conflicts regularly arising between the views or interests of directors, for example, and medical specialists, health insurers, healthcare professionals, public authorities, patient councils or regulatory bodies. In such situations, corporate law, administrative law, employment law and property law are all at issue, sometimes simultaneously. Directors need to be able to master the content, listen to the people and make the right choices, while knowing that their every action is being scrutinised. What is more, the themes can sometimes affect them personally.

However complex or pervasive the issue, our lawyers have experience with it. They are engaged with your sector. They keep track of the latest developments, know all about the politically contentious topics, have a good picture of all the players and can assess the consequences of decisions.

If there is a conflict, or the threat of a conflict, we stay calm, keep a good overview of the situation and give you expert advice. When faced with complex issues, we draw on our own experience plus our network to determine the best strategy and to arrive at lasting, workable solutions.

Some examples of topics where clients benefit from our assistance:

  • Mergers and other forms of collaboration
  • Participation by patients’ councils and staff councils
  • The liability of executive and supervisory directors
  • Disputes between executive boards and supervisory boards or shareholders
  • Restructuring and refinancing for healthcare institutions
  • Questions about applying legislation and regulations, including the Healthcare Governance Code
  • Drawing up admission contracts and partnership contracts
  • Investigation proceedings in the Netherlands Enterprise Court
  • Property development, disputes and transactions
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