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Education: weighing up interests and safeguarding developments

Needs-based education, accommodation, quality agreements, privacy, collaboration with other educational institutions, municipalities or the private sector, funding, calls for tenders… It seems as if the number and variety of topics that educational organisations have to deal with is growing year after year.

If you want an educational organisation to function well, you need to be sensitive to the political and administrative dimensions, and to combine a broad scope with specialist knowledge. What is more, you need to be aware that many decisions can have consequences in multiple areas of the law.

In this ever-changing context, it is comforting to have a partner to discuss issues with, a partner who you can trust completely. Bosselaar Strengers helps educational organisations throughout the sector. We combine a multidisciplinary approach with specialist knowledge and a relevant and inspiring network. This means that we are well aware of the latest issues in politics and administration and that we are fully grounded in the developments.

We examine each case from various perspectives, we understand the dilemmas and we keep in mind the interests of the various stakeholders. Our clients appreciate our dedication and focus on finding solutions, and they value our clear-cut and conscientious approach.

Some examples of the issues where clients call on our assistance:

  • Governance and integrity issues
  • Property management and development
  • Internal rules, privacy legislation
  • Public procurement
  • Restructuring and reorganisations
  • Board transfers, mergers, bankruptcy
  • Consultative bodies
  • Funding, government grants, financing research
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