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Understanding complex issues, finding the right balance

We live in a dynamic world, with major challenges and complex, highly interrelated issues. Anyone searching for lasting solutions faces a difficult task and often needs to strike a fine balance between a variety of regulations and interests. That applies to our clients, and to us too. Yet this also offers amazing opportunities.

Fascinating Issues

The healthcare sector is constantly in flux. Topics such as the affordability of healthcare, new forms of collaboratio, the use of flexible workers…


The number and variety of topics that educational organisations have to deal with is growing year after year. Needs-based education, quality agreements…


Housing corporations work hard to achieve ambitious goals for the provision of sufficient rental accommodation, for sustainability, affordability…

What matters to you matters to us

Our lawyers have both broad and in-depth knowledge of fields of law and various sectors. We are familiar with the issues at play, know how to tackle them and speak the same language as the people in the sector. That gives us a head start in finding solutions.

We carry out a thorough analysis, determine the best strategy and adopt an approach that is both proactive and creative. If possible we look for a solution that is acceptable to all the parties involved, without having to go to court. That often saves time, energy and costs. If the case does end up in court, we go all out for you.     


What our customers say about us

  • The short lines of communication, the high-quality advice, the speed of response and the no-nonsense approach appeal to us very much. The subscription also allows us to test our mindset in an accessible and ‘up-front’ way.

    Agnes Laman
    HR-adviseur Argos Zorggroep
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