Learning and working

Learning and working

Our field is always is transition. And so are we

Like our clients, we find ourselves in an increasingly complex world. Issues are often closely interrelated and areas of law overlap each other as well. Changes around us affect the requirements imposed on a lawyer  and the competencies needed.

There is no doubt that legal knowledge remains the basis. In addition, working together becomes more and more important. The same applies to communicating with colleagues and critical customers and dealing with ICT and social media. Moreover, the challenge is to work as cost-effectively as possible, without compromising on quality.

Giving everyone access to the law and keeping quality high

As a law firm, we feel it is an obligation to our clients, society and our profession to keep learning every day. We want to do justice to the social responsibility we feel, which is often the personal motive for choosing the profession of lawyer. We agree with the mission of the Netherlands Bar: to ensure that everyone ​​has access to the law and to ensure that the Dutch legal profession maintains high quality.

Whether you are an intern or an employee: everyone learns

That quality starts with the education of students and we are happy to contribute to that. Every year we welcome a number of young people to our office who participate in a student internship. The learning doesn’t stop after the intern graduates and starts working as a lawyer. On the contrary: it is very important that we continue to develop. Individually, through training, but also as a team, by sharing our knowledge and experiences and reflecting together on both substantive issues and behaviour. In other words: anyone who starts working at Bosselaar Strengers cannot avoid learning.

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