Gerjanne van de Waerdt


It is important that we offer practicable solutions

I completed my Law degree at Radboud University Nijmegen in autumn 2019.  As part of this degree, I took courses on economics. These courses awakened my interest in the day-to-day practice of running a business. In my Companies & Law Master’s, I specialized further in corporate law. This Master’s taught me that corporate law is multifaceted and that translating theory into practice is a crucial part of the legal expert’s job. It is important that we offer practicable solutions.

While at university, I worked regularly for Bosselaar Strengers (on a stand-by basis). The quality of their work, the legal expertise and the pleasant atmosphere convinced me that this was the firm where I would like to start my career as a lawyer. And as of February 2020, I have indeed been working for them as a legal assistant. I now hope to start the training programme for lawyers in September 2020.

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