Katja Smids

Legal secretary

I have more than 25 years of experience as a legal secretary and have worked for Bosselaar & Strengers Advocaten since 2008. 

Within the firm, I made a sideways move for five years, during which time I was responsible for providing practical support in the different marketing activities. This gave me an opportunity to work for the organization in a completely different position. I obtained a certificate in Marketing (NIMA-A) in 2015 but decided shortly after that to return to my job as a legal secretary. I missed the case files, the contact with the clients, the opposing parties and so on, and the associated hectic pace.

In addition to my work as a legal secretary, I also still help out with practical aspects of the marketing activities. That means I continue to regularly use the knowledge and experience I acquired in that area. So my job is a great combination of these two tasks. 



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