Learning and working

Learning and working

Our profession is constantly evolving — and so are we!

Like our clients, we operate in an environment that is becoming increasingly complex. The issues we examine are often highly interrelated, and various fields of law overlap one another. The changes around us affect the demands on us as lawyers and the skills we require.

We still need to know the law thoroughly, of course, but collaboration with other disciplines is becoming increasingly important too. The same applies to communication with colleagues and exacting clients, plus the ability to handle IT and social media. Then there is the challenge of working cost-efficiently without making any concessions in the quality.

Giving everyone access to the law and maintaining high standards

As a law firm, we feel we have a duty to our clients, our profession and society at large to keep on learning. That is partly because we want to do justice to the social responsibility we feel, which for many of us was a key factor in our decision to choose a career in law. We fully endorse the mission of the Dutch Bar Association to make sure everyone has access to the law and that the legal profession in the Netherlands achieves and maintains high standards of quality.

Challenging vacancies for trainee lawyers; inspiring student internships

That high level of quality starts with the education students receive, and we are happy to contribute to this. Each year, we take on several young people for student internships, in which they shadow us and help us with our work. In addition, a few trainee lawyers join us each year. These are graduates who have completed a law degree and choose Bosselaar Strengers for a challenging and enjoyable working environment in which to develop as a lawyer.

But learning does not stop once you have finished your training as a lawyer. On the contrary, it is vitally important that we continue to develop. That can be done on an individual basis by taking courses, or also as a team by sharing knowledge and experiences and reflecting on conduct and questions of substance. In other words, if you come to work for Bosselaar Strengers, you will inevitably end up learning more.

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