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Construction: a sound foundation for every decision

Businesspeople in the construction industry literally like setting things up. They produce designs, reach agreements, roll up their sleeves and get down to work. There is nothing worse for them than running into ‘trouble’ that slows them down, whether at the start, during execution or on completion. But that risk cannot be ignored, precisely because so many different legal aspects play a role in the construction industry.

Collaboration is a fine thing (usually)

Construction is a collaborative business. To get the job done, you need your staff, other building companies and suppliers. And you have a client who you make agreements with about the final result, the timetable and the costs. In the ideal situation, everyone does what they promised and you work together to put up a fine building. But unfortunately you may encounter setbacks and end up in a legal conflict.

For example, a local resident or company may file an objection to a zoning plan. The municipality may have problems with the permit. A subcontractor may have produced substandard work. A client may fail to pay the construction instalments, or may accuse you of not having delivered what you agreed to deliver.

You can depend on us

In all these situations, it is reassuring to be able to discuss options with a lawyer you can trust completely. Someone who knows what the issues are in your sector, and who can assess quickly what your chances are and what would be the best way to tackle the situation.

You will find Bosselaar Strengers to be a team of lawyers who are familiar with all the relevant areas of law, ranging from the purchase and sale of property, building contract law, public-private partnerships, environmental and planning law, tenancy law, insurance, restructuring and financing to employment law and flexible contracts in the building trade.

Strong foundations

We will be happy to discuss matters with you, and we recommend doing so before problems arise. If a new building has poor foundations, you don’t see anything wrong at first. But eventually cracks will appear, or there will be flooding or subsidence. Similarly, if contracts do not have a sound legal foundation, they too will reveal ‘cracks’ eventually. Let our lawyers have a look from the start and you will be able to relax and focus on what you are good at.

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