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Food and agriculture: understanding the regulatory landscape, making choices on the right grounds

If you run a company in the food and agriculture industry, if you are involved in nature development or if you manage a country estate, then you will invariably have to deal with regulations, which moreover change frequently. What is more, anyone operating in rural areas has to find a balance between divergent interests. Examples are recreation, the constantly expanding infrastructure and built-up areas, the protection of areas of historical interest, and flexible water management. That certainly does not make it any easier to do business. Bosselaar Strengers is happy to help you find your way in what is often an opaque and at times frustrating maze of rules and stakeholders.

Specialists in every field

We are prepared to wager that we are the only big-city law firm to be fully at home in the countryside. We have specialists available for all the legal questions facing businesspeople in the food and agriculture sector.

Examples of issues where we can help you are: mergers, takeovers and collaboration with other parties in the supply chain; restructuring; drawing up international contracts; spatial planning; environmental law; agricultural leases and ground leases; agricultural production rights; expropriation; environmental and planning permits and zoning plans; and nature conservation law.

Together with our network

We can also give you good advice on the tax aspects of doing business in rural areas, planning preparations, ecological assessments and grant applications.

Where appropriate, we work with our reliable network of external experts, who can be brought on board quickly. If you have to deal with cross-border interests, foreign parties or international regulations, then you will be able to benefit from the legal expertise of our international network Multilaw.

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