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Housing corporations: tackling complex issues in an ethical and integrated manner

Housing corporations work hard to achieve ambitious goals for the provision of sufficient rental accommodation, for sustainability, for affordability and for a pleasant living environment. The corporations like discussing the issues they face with the Bosselaar Strengers team and they find our input valuable. That is not just because of our legal expertise.

We are very familiar with the world of the housing corporations, in particular at the executive and supervisory levels. We know the kind of governance questions or conflicts that can arise, whether within an executive board or between the executive directors and the supervisory board. Our independent viewpoint in combination with genuine commitment and expert knowledge gives you clarity and peace of mind.

We are alert to issues of integrity. We know that compliance is more than sticking to the rules and regulations; above all, it is about engaging your staff and how you fulfil your responsibilities. The approach you choose determines the discussions you have and the results you achieve.

Housing corporations call on us to help find solutions when dealing with major restructuring operations, mergers, acquisitions and the sale of large property portfolios. They also ask us for advice on employment law issues, or for help in reviewing and improving their privacy policy.

We know from experience that issues in this sector can seldom be treated in isolation. That is why we prefer to involve two or three lawyers at an early stage in the discussions so that we can be sure of having an overview of all the players and the potential consequences. Our clients appreciate this. They gain peace of mind from having a trusted advisor at their side who combines enthusiasm for their sector with a sharp attention to detail, so that nothing is overlooked. This allows them to focus fully on their core business.

Topics where we can help you find the right solutions include:

  • Governance and integrity issues
  • Property transactions
  • Mergers and asset transfers
  • All aspects of the Housing Act
  • Oversight by the Netherlands Authority for Housing Associations
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