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Property: strategic advice, fast response and smart safeguards

Property is a broad, dynamic field that frequently involves situations with high stakes in combination with large sums of money. Legal disputes are costly in terms of time, money and energy. Do you have plans for property development, investing in property, leasing or letting office space or leasing or letting land? If so, make sure you do not focus solely on the opportunities but also have a clear picture of the risks. Our lawyers have years of experience in this field and will be happy to help you.

The Bosselaar Strengers lawyers are old hands when it comes to property issues. We know all about rental agreements and disputes, the purchase and sale of property, renovation, property and area development, tendering procedures, real rights (ownership, easements, ground lease and apartment rights), the statutory rights and duties between neighbours, environmental and planning permits, zoning plans, land exploitation, construction law and so forth.

We know how things work in the property sector and we are able to see things from your perspective. We take an approach that is both dedicated and no-nonsense. We work closely with you and stay on the ball. We respond quickly to developments, yet we also have the stamina for the long haul. You can be sure of sharp analyses and well-argued recommendations, which we also translate into practical points. Where necessary we operate in the limelight but we often give advice in the background, helping you (together with a team of other stakeholders if appropriate) determine the right strategy.

All the expertise you need in one place

Their know-how and long experience have made our property lawyers the partner of choice — often for many years — for businesses in Utrecht and far beyond. Our clients include project developers, professional property investors and property managers, contractors and construction companies. We also give advice to housing corporations, retailers (including builders’ merchants), franchise organisations, estate agents, land leasing and letting organisations, architects and private individuals.

Property cases often involve administrative law aspects as well, so we regularly call on our colleagues who are specialised in that particular field of law. It is reassuring for clients to have access to all this expertise in one place. We have an overview of the entire context, we respond quickly to changes and we keep a close eye on progress and quality.

In addition to advice, we can assist you with all your contracts and in lawsuits. If necessary, we defend your interests in court or before the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry.

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