Bart Duijs

Partner, Lawyer

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I like to think ahead

As a lawyer specializing in employment law, I help my clients with issues and conflicts relating to reorganizations, dismissal, and employment terms and conditions. I have most experience with clients in healthcare, ranging from home care organizations to hospitals. So much is changing in the healthcare sector at the moment, and this offers opportunities. To make maximum use of those opportunities, you need not just sector knowledge, strategic insight and creativity but also a realistic analysis of the risks. These happen to be my strong points. That is precisely why I enjoy working for clients in healthcare.

I am one of the contact partners for the global Multilaw network that Bosselaar & Strengers Advocaten belongs to. This means that I frequently work for and with clients and lawyers in other countries. This international dimension teaches me to look at cases from a different perspective. Even an understanding of the different ways in which contracts are drawn up can be very enlightening.

If you are looking for someone who can help you think strategically, who is creative and good at negotiating, then I am your man. I like to think ahead, which helps in achieving the best possible result. Clarity and knowing where we stand are important to me. That means I will always let you know what is possible in a case and what not. And of course point out a number of alternative solution areas so that we can eventually find the most appropriate solution for you.

You can just call me on my mobile phone. I may have grey hair but you don’t need to be formal with me. In my opinion, even serious legal affairs are best discussed in an informal manner, preferably with some laughs as well. Yes, that definitely means during working hours too.

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