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Knowing all about it, but especially knowing how it works

I find it only logical that a lawyer should know all about the law. But in my view, the added value of my advice and legal assistance lies in the fact that I know how the law works. How it works for you, in your organization or company and in the sector in which you operate. So that I can interpret the law and use it in a way that best protects and serves your interests. And so that you can achieve your goals at just the right time, as effectively as possible, in a manner that suits you.

I am specialized in environmental and planning law, building law, procurement law and agricultural law. More specifically, my work deals with property and area developments and public-private partnerships. My clients operate in both urban and rural settings. In addition to developers, I work for contractors, investors, property managers, farmers and landowners.

I find it inspiring and challenging to see how you do your job and tackle your business. I’m curious about this and it keeps me involved. I like to engage with you in a personal, open manner as this lets us build a strong relationship. I act immediately if necessary, but I never lose sight of the long-term interests. When faced with large amounts of information, I soon get to the crux of the matter. I like to make sure you have the right expectations. When it comes to what you can expect from me, I set the bar high for myself, both in terms of the legal content and in terms of speed, accessibility and predictable costs.

I’d like to hear about your aims for your company, organization or property. What issues are you encountering and how can I help you? I would be pleased to pay you a visit and discuss this with you.

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