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It is important that we offer practicable solutions

A lawyer needs to understand the client’s business. When you give advice, you should take into account the interests of the stakeholders and the societal perspective as well as the purely legal aspects. Even when I was at university studying Law and Economics, it became clear to me that legal practice benefits from a broad view that includes the context of the legal question. We must offer workable solutions. In my Master’s degree, I specialized in corporate law with a focus on private law.

While at university, I gained experience in both the legal profession and the corporate sector. I also regularly worked for Bosselaar Strengers (as an on-call worker). The quality of the firm’s service, the extensive international network and the pleasant atmosphere convinced me that this was the firm where I would like to start my career as a lawyer. Indeed, I have now been working as a lawyer in the Corporate Law practice since mid-2020.

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