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I see administrative law from different perspectives

I am specialized in administrative law, more specifically in environmental and planning law, and enforcement cases that involve an incremental penalty, administrative enforcement or administrative penalties. Incidentally, administrative penalties are also common in privacy cases. I am involved on a daily basis with regulations relating to transformations, expansions, development projects and the accommodation and relocation of major companies and organizations. I also advise clients on area development, zoning plans, permit applications, grants and the purchase and sale of property. These cases often also involve property-related questions about purchasing and selling, apartment rights and contracting work.  

Some examples of projects I have been involved in:

  • assisting a large software company with the relocation of its head office
  • assisting an educational institute with the major refurbishment of its head office
  • assisting a national foundation with an extensive grant process.

As a way of getting a good overview of administrative law in practice, I am also a member of two municipalities’ review committees. This lets me see administrative law from different perspectives and gives me a good picture of the dynamics of local authorities. I benefit every day in my legal practice from that experience in local administrative law. This has also taught me that it is always better to settle your case out of court if at all possible, although a lawsuit may sometimes be unavoidable and indeed necessary. 

In my free time I like to play hockey, an explosive sport where being the fastest in a straight line is not always what matters. It is far more important to be able to sprint, then stop to change direction, and finally sprint off in yet another direction in order to beat your opponent. That is also how I work as a lawyer, to get the best result possible for your case.

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