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Solving the technical puzzle while not losing sight of the human aspect

As a child I used to travel all over the world with my parents, and I still do that as a backpacker. I’m less of an adventurer in my work though; I’m mainly someone who is very accurate and prepares thoroughly.

The idea of becoming a lawyer came about gradually. I have always had a strong sense of justice, along with a great interest in other people. When I saw – among people I knew – how much impact a dispute can have on those involved, it made a big impression on me. At the same time, I realized how fascinating I found the complexity of the various legal aspects.

I then went to Utrecht University to study law, later completing my Master’s at Leiden University. During my university studies, I became interested in property law. It is a tangible topic but also very diverse because it’s where civil law and administrative law come together. My interest only increased after an inspiring internship in a law firm and voluntary work for a legal advice centre.

The more complex a law is, the more I enjoy discovering the limits and the possibilities it offers. You solve a technical puzzle, but that is coloured by the circumstances and the human aspects. To get a clear picture of that, you need to listen properly, ask the right questions and be alert to the details.

In my work, I go all out to find options for a client and get a positive result. In doing so, I make sure to keep the perspective of the opposing party in mind. Where possible, I try to find a solution through a dialogue. But sometimes you have to accept that not every problem has a solution and it’s important then to be realistic and honest.

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