Nathalie Aalbers

Managing Partner, Partner, Lawyer

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Enthusiastic and committed with an approach that is humane and geared to results

After years working in the notarial profession, I recently made the switch to the bar as I prefer to be in the driving seat where my clients are concerned. 

I mainly work for semi-public institutions, public authorities and public enterprises. Sometimes my work takes the form of a brief piece of advice; in other instances, it involves longer projects such as decentralization processes. I deal with governance issues, such as disputes between the directors and supervisory board, conflicts of interest, and the setup and choice of form for various legal entities and collaborative ventures. In my work in the semi-public sector, I use my knowledge of sector-specific legislation and—as one of the few people in the Netherlands—specific expertise in the law on foundations and societies. 

I enjoy working in and for the semi-public and public sector because of the political forces at play in addition to the legal issues. I have a broad interest in social questions and politics, and I have experience in dealing with politically sensitive issues. 

It is often said in our profession that you get the clients you deserve. That is why it is worth mentioning some of my personality traits: I am clear and direct, a perfectionist, someone who thinks fast with an eye for detail and, last but not least, I have a good sense of humour. Another relevant fact is that I have first-hand experience as a governor and am still active on that front. This means I know what it is like to be in that role and that situation. 

If your organization has a governance problem, if you are considering a collaborative venture or even a merger, if you would like advice about the external supervisor or if you have a question about specific legislation and regulations, I would be pleased to help you!    

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