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Listening carefully and asking the right questions to get to the crux of the problem

My interest in law was nurtured at home at the kitchen table, which led me to study law at Utrecht University and subsequently at VU University Amsterdam. My studies gave me many new insights and increased my interest in law further still. During my time at university, I learned about the wide-ranging legal aspects of property law, a field that immediately piqued my interest.

I was able to use my legal knowledge in internships with various law firms, both during and after my degree studies. I learned from that experience how important it is to listen carefully and ask the right questions in order to get to the crux of a legal problem. My motto is “come up with a ruse” — especially when things get complicated. I like to put that into practice for clients by going all out to find a solution for their issues.

After building up experience outside the law, in autumn 2020 I began working for Bosselaar Strengers as a legal officer. In March 2021, I started the professional training programme for lawyers.

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