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My guiding principle in life is to step out of my comfort zone and discover a world of possibilities. That's how I approach every challenge that presents itself in my work.

No two days are ever the same for lawyers. We are constantly confronted with new issues, changing laws and regulations on the one hand and unpredictable cases on the other. The key is to keep pace while working in an environment that is ever evolving. So, what appeals to me the most in the legal profession? Figuring out complex legal issues and then striving to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Employment law is a field in which you have to be able to act quickly and respond effectively to find the best practical solution, while always being mindful of the human aspect. Within employment law, we are constantly addressing matters relating to highly topical and social issues. Examples include an employer being held liable because the employee became chronically ill during the COVID-19 crisis or addressing the question of whether a meal delivery man is an employee or a self-employed person. This is what makes my job so fascinating. It means that you must always be on the ball and that you are dealing with issues that are important.

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